My Disneyland Paris Outfit – DIY Minnie Mouse Costume


Now I know this is a travel blog, and I know that most of you aren’t here to read about sewing and/or Disney. Unfortunately those are two of the greatest loves of my life (besides travelling of course) so here they are.

For many little girls out there, the Disney dream involves dressing up as a princess and spending a day in the parks having random cast members bow to them and kiss their hands and just generally, feeling like a queen. I’ve been to Disney parks more than a few times, but never in costume – mostly because those things cost a small fortune, and fortunately (for my parents) I was never bratty enough to demand one.So when I bought my Disneyland Paris tickets for July this year, I decided THIS visit I would make my dream come true. I toyed with the idea of a princess dress but let’s face it; a grown adult in princess regalia is well… embarrassing. Minnie mouse on the other hand, is a different story.

In considering what sort of costume I was going to come up with (obviously I wasn’t going to BUY one), I researched various forums on what to wear to the Disney parks. The general consensus is that skirts are fine, provided they’re not too short and safety shorts were recommended. With this in mind I turned to pinterest and after a quick trip to Spotlight (a fabric store) I ended up with this:



Isn’t this fabric just stunning? I opted for smaller dots rather than Minnie’s usual large ones and a raspberry shade of red rather than a fire engine-toned one in a bid to make this skirt more wearable. (Also because I didn’t want to stand out like an over-enthusiastic freak at the parks… though my ears would probably alert people to that anyway)

Using Dana from MADE’s amazingly simple tutorial I drafted, cut and sewed this circle skirt in less than 3 hours! (Granted I was too lazy to change the thread to a red and/or black one, but I think it works… kind of.) And look how swishy it is! Perfect for a sunny day out at the parks.

Swirling minnie.001I added a black crop top and a pair of clip on Mickey ears (from a previous trip to Disneyland Tokyo) and voila! I’m ready for  my first day at Disneyland Paris! What do you guys think, should I attempt another outfit for my second day at the Disney parks?


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